Sarah Perlman

Sarah is the Principal, Chief Marketing Officer, Queen Bee, and Owner of Silverbrook Design & Marketing.

I’m a passionate marketing professional with a demonstrated history of strategic management and creative problem-solving.

My business acumen has grown most when in roles at smaller companies where I have been able to learn many aspects of marketing and get as much hands-on experience as possible. I also enjoy staying involved in tactical projects while overseeing strategy. As such, my hands are currently in many pies: guiding marketing strategy, writing blogs, designing campaigns, creating graphics, editing videos, tracking analytics, drafting emails, managing vendors… the list goes on.

I also have a background as managing editor of a national publication, manager of volunteers, copywriter/editor, print buyer, advertising designer, and customer service representative. Though you won’t see it on my resume, I’ve held the obligatory retail positions, waitress jobs, and lifeguard roles, working since I was 14 years old.

I’ve learned that life is more fun when you’re in a job you love, and I’m lucky that I have been able to follow that path.

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