Last summer, I started thinking about turning 40. The big day isn’t until Jan. 7, 2022, but it got me thinking—what have I done? Do I even have any goals? What am I doing with my life?? (Insert existential crisis here.)

Since my son is obsessed with “challenges” on YouTube, I decided to give myself a challenge: accomplish 40 goals before I turn 40. The first challenge should have been to think up 40 goals, because it hasn’t been easy. I started the list in October and I just finished it today! In the meantime, I have already completed some of the items that were first on my list. I’m planning on updating as I complete each goal, but here is what I’m starting with:

Health and Wellness

  1. Lose 100 lbs
  2. Run another half marathon
  3. Complete a sprint triathlon
  4. Swim 50 yards in under 40 seconds
  5. Exercise at least 4 days per week regularly
  6. Go skiing again
  7. Quit smoking DONE! I haven’t smoked since Nov. 5, 2019
  8. Try Botox
  9. Quit drinking soda regularly


  1. Start an LLC DONE! Silverbrook Design and Marketing LLC is in business!
  2. Operate my own business full time
  3. Get 5 different customers
  4. Earn $30k in one year with Silverbrook
  5. Get 30 blog subscribers (current count = 0)
  6. Get 50 Instagram followers (current count = 0)
  7. Get 200 Facebook fans (current count = 81)
  8. Learn a new software program DONE! Learned Adobe Premiere Rush AND Adobe Premiere Pro


  1. Relearn to play the guitar with Alex
  2. Visit a state I’ve never been to (choose from Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, Vermont, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Kansas)
  3. Take the kids ice skating
  4. Visit another country DONE! Went to Iceland in November 2019
  5. Relearn how to crochet
  6. Take a pottery wheel class
  7. Relearn enough Spanish to have an everyday conversation


  1. Get a dog DONE! Huckleberry Finn, a gorgeous chocolate Lab, joined our family last summer.
  2. Take a kidless vacation with Andy
  3. Weeklong family beach trip
  4. Family trip to Disney
  5. Visit my grandma in Texas
  6. Take a girls trip… somewhere
  7. Help Mom move to Virginia
  8. Take a trip with Mom DONE! We went to Iceland together


  1. Adopt a family for Christmas
  2. Volunteer at a charity event
  3. Close down our storage unit
  4. Get a tattoo to signify Katie
  5. Get a tattoo to signify Alex
  6. Dye my hair a fun color (once I’m no longer a corporate employee)
  7. Make family yearbooks from all of our digital photos, starting with 2015-present
  8. Start on an addition to our house

That’s my 40 goals before I turn 40. What would make your list?

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